Sunday, March 13, 2011

Party Like a Princess!

Yesterday was Hadley's 4th birthday Princess Party, and I was lucky enough to be in town, so got to attend.  Lots of little princesses were there, the noise level was insanely high what with the princesses, and the dads in the other room cheering for the Huskies (a grudging congrats to the UW for winning the tournament), and being as it was Megan & Ryan, I got to drink enough to survive one more day of Mom telling me someone (or her evil children, depending on her memory) took her car away...

Here are some (as usual) bad cell phone pix from the party:

CINDERELLA CAME!  Brills.  This gal painted faces, made balloon animals, and generally enthralled the little girls with her princess-y beauty.  Here's a very serious Hadley in her Snow White costume getting a unicorn painted on her cheek.

Allie carbo-loading.  Zaide dressed the girls in pink princess duds, and they were TDF.  Allie's shoes were so fab you couldn't believe it.  I didn't get a pic of them bc it's hard to keep clear plastic slippers with kitten heels and multi-colored feathers on your feet when you are only 2 (or 62 let's face it), but trust me, RuPaul would kill for them.

Maddie was utterly beautiful and I'm not kidding.  She was a vision in pink, with her pretty long hair, and Zaids put some eye makeup on her which made her even more gorgeous.  She did NOT get Thomas on her cheek, surprisingly. 

Poor Ben was one of the few males at this pink poodle parlor.  He was very natty in his bow tie (totes reminds me of Little Tony at that age).  Carsie was there too, but Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Mike wouldn't let go of him (jk GC & GM, sort of.  SHARE NEXT TIME)

And here's Lauren getting a butterfly.  She is looking very grown up all of a sudden!  Must be because Bieber Fever has set in.  I didn't get any good pix of Logan and Tatum, sorry girls!  But trust me, they were there, they were sparkly, and they were adorable.

PS Megan I want that chili recipe!


Katie said...

wow. looks like quite the shindig! love Benny's bow tie SO much. and the fancy girls - bet they were all in heaven! can't believe you didn't get to snuggle Carsie, you better go back over there before you leave!

Lis said...

Cinderella was very cute. I think she's probably quite thankful that all the creepy dads were watching TV instead of her balloon/face painting skills. Could not believe all of the adorable little girls. Such a cute party!

Laurie said...

good point Lis, I'm sure the dads would have been all creepasaurus over Cindy. Your babies were SO beautiful, Zaids really knows how to princess them up! And yes I'm bitter I didn't get to snuggle with Carsie.