Monday, December 13, 2010

True Believers

Is there anything more grand than a child who still believes in Santa?  No, there really isn't.  And the boys are in various stages of 'true believing'. 

Mikey is still a T.B. at age 5 of course.  On our walk to school this morning, he asked if I believed.  I replied,  "YES. OF COURSE I DO."  We then had a discussion about what Santa is bringing and how many days left till the big day.  It's hard being a good boy right up to Xmas day!

The twins at 10 are wavering a bit.  The logical part of their brains knows that "Mom buys the presents", but they totes WANT to believe.  Liam told his mom that the Santa they saw this weekend wasn't the REAL Santa, his hair was too light. Real Santa is at the Mall.  And then he asked his mom "do the reindeer REALLY fly?"  Al is pretty sure Mom is Santa, but just in case he's believing.  You don't want to miss out on the really good presents by dissing Santy.

Riveria is 11 and totally over the whole Santa thing.  But trying to be a good big brother and not spill the beans.

I vote that we all endorse Santa 100%.  The world needs the jolly guy.


Katie said...

I totally agree - if only we all believed. because there is really no better time in life than the years where you know Santa is real.

Lis said...

It's so much fun to get to re-live all of the fun and watch these girls. And when life is so simple that all you want is a play-doh squisher.

Cara said...

there is nothing better than being around kids who still believe in santa on christmas day.