Monday, December 6, 2010


Sorry, I just can't say that name without shrieking :-)  Katie and I got to visit with Megan & Ryan in the hospital and meet Mr. Carson P.  And he is the cutest little bean. 

I know his mama was ill, based on the outfit that Cars was wearing: ratty diaper, hospital issue t-shirt and scrappy receiving blanket.  Were she up to par, he'd be decked out in his finest duds.  He was presh anyway.  And Auntie Lowdie got to snuggle and hold him for a long time, which was a treat.

BTW this boy has the fingers and toes of his mother; in other words, they are prehensile and I'm going to start calling both of them "My Left Foot" bc they can totes paint and do just about anything requiring opposable thumbs with those feet.


Katie said...

seriously cute little man. and i kinda loved that he was just wearing hospital clothes, didn't take away from his cuteness at all! :D

Katie said...

PS this kid is gonna be the perfect 2nd child i think... SO relaxed, can sleep through all the hubbub and noise!

Unknown said...

He is so adorable. I'm super jealous that you two have met him and I still have to wait!

Meg said...

So glad you guys came to made my day. ANd yes, I am sorry you had to see Cars in his 'homeless couture', I promise he's been looking much more dapper since we got home.