Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yay for Fall Sports!

I'm so happy, I get to be a soccer grammy!  Mikey is participating in a soccer program on Saturdays, and having a lot of fun.  He's quite the little soccer bopper, scored 3 goals his first time out.  This week he wasn't on his "A" game, having stayed up late to go to the school carnival (where he used all his tickets for the cake walk until he won a cake.  Doesn't every little kid worship the cake walk?), but it was a good time.  I was pretty low key compared to most of the parents, who were videoing every moment, but got a couple of terrible pix:

 Here's Mikey taking a break between quarters.  His team is the "Blue Tigers".  Go Skyhawks Sports Teams!
Mike immediately 'got' the value of the flop.

Alex and RJ are participating in cross country at their school.  They had their first meet last week and it was madness, I tell you.  Hundreds of little kids...

 We thought Al had come in 2nd place in his age group...but turns out he only ran one lap, not two.  Boo!
Riveria is quite a good little runner.  We are hoping he will qualify for the all city meet!

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