Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Typical Weekend...

Cara has requested more blog posts from us Spokanites, even though obvs we have nothing to say.  But bc I love her, here's a post.


1. try to sleep in
2. fail because Lucy comes in a climbs on my bed, leaving dirty paw prints all over my sheets.
3. Get up.
4. Make my standard breakfast: coffee and whole wheat bagel w melted extra-sharp cheddar cheese (I did mix it up today and used whole wheat bread.  Don't say I'm not exciting).
5. Read the paper.  This takes about 15 minutes nowadays bc the Spokesman-Review is 95% ads.
6. Do the New York Times Crossword puzzle on the computer.  LOVE.  It's the only puzzle I will deign to work.
7. Think about what I'm going to do today.  This takes about 30 seconds.
8. Either A. get up and throw some laundry in or B. start knitting and watching whatever Katie has on the TV.
9. Try to get Katie to let me watch "Hoarders". No dice.
10. Let Lucy out, then immediately let her back in.  Repeat x infinity.
11. Work on my website until I get sick of it.
12. Do a smidge of cleaning.  Am exhausted so sit back down with more coffee and a book or magazine.
13. Think about taking Lucy for a walk.  Remember that she yanks my broken arm out of the socket whenever I walk her, so ix-nay on that idea.
14. Check Ravelry about a dozen times daily for something interesting to read and/or knit.
15. Time for dinner.  Thank god I have the girls to cook, because by my age I am thoroughly sick of cooking meals.  Not of eating them, mind you.
16. Try to convince the girls that they would enjoy a program on PBS.  Ix-nay.  Plug in my Ipod while they watch Survivor (or whatevs is on Sunday night TV)
17. It's 9:30ish, think about whether I can stay up till 10 to watch Mad Men.  No, 5 am comes mighty early.
18. Bed! Ahhh.

And that is pretty much how most Sundays go around here.


Cara said...

love it!!

Katie said...

yep, sounds about right.

and Lucy only jumps up on your bed because she loves you and wants to go back to sleep for a little bit longer...

Unknown said...

Amazing Race mom, we watched Amazing Race, which was MUCH better then Katie's choice: Lifetime's The Haunting of Sorority Row...

Laurie said...

Agreed on that P. But that movie wasn't nearly as bad as "The Pregnancy Pact", right K?

Unknown said...

Won't you be here this Sunday? Now THAT blogged event should be some good reads. xoxo

Laurie said...

Lootie yay u r a follower! Date of visit now Nov 5th due to lousy flight times

Meg said...

Doesn't sound too shabby:).

Katie said...

"The Pregnancy Pact" was awful. just awful.