Monday, October 11, 2010

Vote Now and Vote Often!

Our boy RJ is a 5th grader now (can you believe it!) and in the strings program at his school. Brings back a lot of memories of Pia and Katie sawing away at the violin.  Cara, I think you tried the trumpet one year?  And Pooh Bear totes got away scot free with no musical talent whatsoever (you are your mother's child.  I played [incredibly pitifully] the flute in 5th grade and I'm pretty sure I was asked to quit by my poor music teacher).

ANYWAYS, the district strings program has entered the "Clorox Grants for School Futures" contest and is asking for our votes!

Go to the Clorox contest site, and click on "Vote Now".  Type in Logan in the search box (this is for the district's entire 5th-6th grade strings program, not just for Logan School's), and select Logan Elementary 5th & 6th grade band/strings program.  Click on VOTE; you'll need to register but you don't have to agree to get their ads etc (but who doesn't LOVE Clorox!?), agree to the terms of use, enter the characters code, then go back to Home to vote.

It's actually a good deed, the strings and band program in District 81 is great, and I'm sure is woefully underfunded.  And it's worth it just for the chance for me to video RJ playing the violin :-)


Cara said...

voted!! and i think i played the trumpet for a couple of years!!

Lis said...

i'm always so jealous of musically talented people. despite YEARS of piano and clarinet I am no good at either.

Lis said...

(think h.s. band geek years)

Laurie said...

hey Lis, Someone has to be the audience! I think that is you and me, the ones with no actual musical talents...and Cara, I laugh every time I think of you playing the trumpet. I don't think you actually did it at home too often tho.