Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Torture Device

As part of my physical therapy, I need to work on lifting my broken arm.  So Jonathan gave me this pulley system to use at home.  It's hideous.  But better than having a frozen shoulder, I assume.  I never really appreciated being able to lift/move/turn my arm before now :-(


Lis said...

Looks like good times... How long will all of this take?

Laurie said...

forever! Or another month or so...I'm taking it slowly.

zaideafraidey said...

Oh do the exercises L-dine, they hurt but are so worth it in the long run. A really good (hideous) one is to put a bowl high (within reach) on a shelf and than have about 100 marbles and place them in the bowl from counter height. It really works but you won't be thinking good thoughts of me while doing it. Bring your bands to the cabin!!