Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bits O Fairy Business Lives

When we were kids, we used to hop on the Greyhound Bus in Bothell and ride to downtown Seattle, where we would then walk to our granparents' florist shop for a visit (can you IMAGINE letting your 3rd grade child do this??! Times have changed.)  Once safely arrived, we'd usually want to make some sort of creative mess.  Our great aunt Irene would help us put together a marvelous mixture of styrofoam blocks, cards, glitter and some sort of spray glue that today's huffers would adore.  Reenie lives on in the heart of Zaide, who helped Tatum put together the most enchanted fairy cottage this weekend at the cabin.  They scouted for all kinds of materials out in the woods, and I donated a lace swatch, a garter stitch piece and a little braided rug.  Voila!  Instant Fairy Land!


Lis said...

that is A-dorable

zaideafraidey said...

thanks for the photo opp. L, it was a lot of fun, and Tate had some amazing ideas. My third degree glue gun birns are SLOWLY healing but still am thinking that I might lose my pinkie to a staff infection. At least we have the photos as a happy reminder.

Laurie said...

poor thing! At least you don't have the brain damage from inhaling the glue from the spray cans.