Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Car Convo With Mikey

Lavs: I saw a rainbow on my way to work this morning, Mikey. Do you know what's at the end of the rainbow?

Mikey: A pot of gold.

Lavs: That's right! And if you find the pot of gold, the leprechaun has to give it you.

Mikey: then I will be rich!

Lavs: yep. The leprechaun might be sad though.

Mikey: I can take half and the leprechaun can keep half. Then he will be happy and I will be happy.

Lavs: Mikey, you make ME happy :-)


Lis said...

Aw, how sweet!

Meg said...

You can tell he's the youngest...thinking of ways to make it all even, so at least he gets some too. Maybe he could teach Hads a thing or two.