Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Fun Weekend!

Katie invited me to join her in Seattle for the weekend, so the two BEST ROAD-TRIP PARTNERS IN THE WORLD (plus Lucy) headed over for a fine weekend. After our initial two hour construction delay in getting over Snoqualmie Pass, it was all fun and games:

We attended a Mariners game with the B and Mimi. The M's actually broke their hideous 22 inning scoreless streak, but still lost the game. As I predicted, their hitting coach received his walking papers the next day...

Sunday morning, we met up with B-Z, Kip, Lis, Mads and Allie Pallie, plus grand-dogs Rudy, Rudder and of course Lucy, at Marymoor Park in Redmond, where the best dog park in Washington is located:

Cute Maddie pushed the stroller through the entire park (Allie wisely decided she should be carried by her Zaide). This skirt she's wearing is TDF. Last time she wore it, she decided that underpants were optional. I was hoping for a repeat, but no luck.

Lucy gingerly waded into the slough a few times, Rudder was the champion swimmer/ball fetcher, and Rudes was having none of this nonsense.

Here's darling Allie with Zaids. This little girl is too cute for words!

Additionally, I broke the 'yarn diet' by going to West Seattle with Sue and her pal Pat. We visited two yarn stores and of course some nice yarn found its way back to Spokane with me :-) We also got to visit with Pam and her girls (who are getting WAY TOO BIG), and enjoyed the hospitality of the Falcones. Lucy got invited to Sue & Tom's next door neighbors' for a play date with their incredibly fluffy Keeshond Lily. It was great, those two puppies chased each other all day, Luce got invited to 'eat over' with Lily, and then she crashed. You've never seen such a tired little girl.

A fun trip, hope to do it again soon!


Lis said...

it was great seeing you guys! hope you didn't have any delays in getting've paid your dues in that dept.

zaideafraidey said...

you were a fun part of a really great weekend, thanks for coming over

Meg said...

Sorry we didn't get to see you:(. How fun that Lucy got invited for a playdate...she's quite popular!

Unknown said...

Wish I had been there too. Next time for sure. Stupid tennis!