Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Convo With Mikey

Mikey: Wowe, if it is dark outside, NO ONE can go out.

Lavs: Why not?

Mikey: There is a bad guy out there.

Lavs: What happens if you go outside?

Mikey: YOU DIE.

Lavs: Yikes. Can anybody go outside?

Mikey: JON.

Lavs: Why can Jon go out?

Mikey: Jon has a knife and a gun.

Lavs: Can Steve go out?

Mikey: Does he have a knife and a gun?

Lavs: I don't think so.

Mikey: THEN NO. Duh.


Lis said...

Poor Steve. At least you have Jon to protect you.

zaideafraidey said...

Sliver should have niether a knife or a gun.

Laurie said...

He's a grownup now (more or less) so I think it's okay. Besides, we evidently need him for protection.

Katie said...

LOVE the picture you put on this post! and why aren't Jon and Big Tony BFFs? cuz it sounds like they should be...

Laurie said...

I know that cat pic is to die for. And those two should totes be BFF. Jon was browsing through a firearms catalog at breakfast this morning. GAK.

zaideafraidey said...

it may be too late, BUT get him our of Spokane!!!! From now on I want to know if he's packing.

Laurie said...

oh he's harmless, unless you need a limpy or a heart massage.