Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Sad Story of an Abandoned Sock Project

This project started off with such high hopes...
September 09: I'm a sucker for a 'mystery' knitting project. Sock Knitters Anonymous announces a mystery sock by Nancy Bush, which requires yellow yarn. I'm not a huge yellow fan, and already have a pair of yellow handknit socks (which I love), but what the hey, I'm in! Visit all the yarn stores in town, but can't find any yellow sock yarn that doesn't look like it was plucked and spun from Big Bird. Not my fave color. Finally locate what I think is a pale yellow yarn on Ravelry and order it. Takes forever to get here, so I'm already behind schedule.

Mid-September: yarn is here! It looks pale and pretty in the photos, but in reality it's creeping into Big Bird Territory. But Mystery-itis has struck. Immediately abandon all other (multiple) works-in-progress and cast on my yellow yarn. Ribbing knit, no problem. Then I come to "Vikkel Braid", which gives me fits. I worked the same 3 stitches for at least 4 hours without succeeding in working a single braid. Yarn is looking a little ratty. Next day, I re-tackle the braid and manage to finish that section.

Late September: Leg of sock #1 is finished. This is more like the actual color. Loving it less, but determined to push on. Knit the heel and look back to admire my work. Notice I have goofed on the lace pattern up above the heel (which is now revealed to be "Fox Faces", hate that name). Damn. Rip back to the mistake and reknit.

October: Take sock on camping trip. Drop ball of yarn in the dirt. From this point on, the yellow yarn takes a decidedly brown/dusty look. The more I knit, the more I don't love this sock. And the leg looks like it's going to be TIGHT, not good for someone who doesn't have pins for calves/ankles.

Mid-October: Decide it's hate. Rip it off the needles and take a good look. Worst fears confirmed: too tight, ribbing looks stretched and the 'Vikkel' looks wonky. From 3/4 way down the leg, the yarn is pig-dirty. And I don't want to wear fox faces.



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Unknown said...

God I love you! And that it took you a month to give up on a project that you hated from the beginning. Clearly that sock was meant to hit the dirt.

zaideafraidey said...

maybe you should start talking to people instead of the conversations you are obviously having with your projects.

Laurie said...

nice try Zaide. I still prefer to talk to my knitting than to people.