Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The New Y is Awesome!

Mikey and RJ were super sickies yesterday (flu, yuk) so the twins and I headed to the new YMCA to check it out. According to Mikey, there's the 'old Y' (Valley), the 'new Y' (downtown, and the 'weally new new new new Y' (north).

Two thumbs up! Though the boys hoped to go swimming (Liam is wearing his swimsuit here), the pool wasn't open for open swim. But can't wait to try it out! There's a lazy river which looks like a lot of fun.

While I walked on the treadmill (why walk for free through the park when you can read a magazine and walk at the Y?), the boys played in the family activity center. They have wii, which Liam is doing here, plus ping pong, pool, board games and two interactive things (dance machine and skiing).

This is definitely going to be one of our 'go-to' spots this winter!

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Lis said...

It's cold outside, that's why! Seems like everyone is getting sick.