Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Saying So Long to Summer

How did summer fly by so fast?  September is my favorite weather month but I'm a little sad that summer 2014 is done. Come on tomatoes, ripen!

We celebrated summer's end by going to the annual symphony concert at Comstock Park. Fun and not stuffy, they play light classical and movie themes. The gang was a little dumbfounded when I started singing "this is the cereal that's shot from guns!" During the 1812 Overture. I'm guessing my fellow Baby Boomers also do that whenever it's played. 


Sue said...

Lavs - are you sure your sing-a-long wasn't part of the Reggie Mantle things you dreamt??????

Laurie said...

omg, really? you don't remember the puffed wheat ad where they play the 1812 overture? I give up.