Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I received this book for my birthday from Zaide today (along with a cute knitting book):

So I'm thinking, "hmmm, okay I guess.  My sister wouldn't send me something bad to read."  OR WOULD SHE...

She teased me to solve the mystery of the cover.  I'm scared this is a 50 Shades thing and I'm going to have to read it because it's a birthday gift. 

Pore over the cover.  Is that girl a cartoon dog in real life?  Is there a weird threesome going on?  WHAT COULD IT BE.


So I cheated and googled it.  THE AUTHOR.  Our very own recorder playing, night walking niece and cousin Beth!

Pia, this is going directly into your classroom library.

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Sue said...

Bwahaa is not near enough! This is more milk coming out of your nose!