Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brave Little Toaster Update

You may recall my disastrous attempt to take CBC (Cry Baby CAF) swimming last week.  Did not go well.  In fact, we spent 10x as long finding a parking spot as we spent in the pool.

The girls were determined that this tiny gal was GOING SWIMMING AND GOING TO LIKE IT.  So Sunday we packed her grip and headed back to the Y.  Luckily, the therapy pool was open (it's super warm, think bathtub) so we all got in with our little weinie.

And she hated it.  Clutched for dear life to Katie and Cara.  Would not relax.  Did not believe it was "just like the tubby".  Was not impressed by Katie's "orca whale breaching" imitation. We managed to get her to tremble out a "hi" (her only word) to the lifeguard or a passing swimmer from time to time.  And the girls kept her in that water.

Until at last, bit by bit, she began to relax.  Just a smidge.  Only clutching with one hand.  Releasing the wrestling leg hold around the waist of her auntie.  Waving to Uncle Tony up in the workout room. Watching all the activity going on at the play structure.  Smiling -- but a bit nervously.  Finally, tipping her head back and "washing her hair".

So little missy survived and even liked the pool -- perhaps it's a good thing she can't talk yet, because she might disagree with my assessment.  But we're going back.  Real soon.