Tuesday, September 24, 2013

La Famiglia

Here are the 9 Sundstrom siblings (plus Mom's ashes there in the background).  It takes a funeral to get us all together, evidently.

We sent Mom off in grand style, in just the manner she would have loved.  3 days of parties and celebrations.  Thanks to the organizers (B-Z, Lisa, Jamie and Susan) of the funeral mass, the burial, the cremation, the parties.  Thanks to Jon for building two beautiful boxes for Mom -- she would have loved them.  Thanks to all the family and friends from near and far who came to one or more events and took the time to remember our Mom.  Thanks to the grand- and great- grandkids who are carrying on Mimi's legacy.  Thanks to Father Jerry from St. Matthew's who definitely "got" Lois and shared some funny stories plus provided spiritual comfort.  Thanks to Ray for living in a gorgeous Belltown condo with waterfront views and a perfect party room :-)

We'll miss you, Mimi.  So much.  But I just know your dad spotted you when you entered heaven and yelled "THERE SHE IS!"


Lis said...

So sweet. Glad everyone was able to get together.

Meg said...

Love this:)