Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I love The Workbasket magazine.  This little mag was a mainstay in many a knitter's and crocheter's library for decades (they started publishing in the 30s and sent out a monthly issue right through the 90s)  Every issue is a peek into the past with "Home and Needlework for Pleasure and Profit".  Patterns, recipes, ideas for ladies' club programs and more.

The ads are also great.  Mostly they are money-making propositions (Sell Greeting Cards! Sell Pots and Pans! Make and Sell Hats!), catalogs for "stout" lady foundation garments and dresses, and weird little gadgets for home and crafting.

THIS ad in a 1951 issue caught my eye:

Seems a mite gruesome for a lady's needlework mag!

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