Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yard Work Saturday

Whew!  Katie, Tony and I just wrapped up a very long day of manual labor in the yard. In 90+ degree heat. 

Here's what we accomplished:

Figured out how to turn on the sprinkler system, which mostly works, yay!
Raked and tidied up the back yard
Pia came over for coffee, and put together a little metal table for me. 
Went to the hardware store (of course)
Took out a fug lava rock border in the front yard and replaced it with a nice cement block border, which we moved from the side of the house. 
Pooh channeled his inner Michelangelo while wielding a masonry chisel on the blocks. 
Dug up beds, added nice soil and planted flowers I the front beds. 
Researched why our transplanted weeping Chinese maple tree is looking wilted. Transplant shock. Hope it survives. 
Borrowed neighbor's chainsaw and trimmed our big sycamore tree in front yard, then cut up all the branches and bagged them for garbage day
Swept and hosed the driveway and front walk

And it's looking so much nicer! Our neighbors may stop giving us stink eye now :-)


Lis said...

Sounds like a loooong day

Katie said...

I'm still exhausted. :)

zaideafraidey said...

pictures please. Great work people. Oh, only transplant trees in fall or early spring. Good luck with the Maple, keep it watered and cross your fingies.