Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pictures Or It Didn't Happen

Here are some results from our marathon yard-work day.  Not that impressive considering the hours we spent, but if you knew what we started with, you'd be more impressed :-)

This was an ugly little flower bed bordered with "lava rock"  Nice and neat with some impatiens planted in there!

Love our purple front door, the purple ceramic pot we got from Mel's, and our fancy hose holder.  Also, the "craftsman" style house numbers -- love.

Added a couple of Gerberas here, and that's our poor in-shock tree.  SO hoping it survives.  Also, that's my bedroom window.  I am afraid to open it at night, as I'm sure a passing burglar/old-lady attacker will spot it and kill me while everyone is asleep.

And here's the load of yard waste ready for garbage day.  We took Pat's truck back out to the lake about a week too early!

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zaideafraidey said...

that look magnificent. Good work people. :)