Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The First Cookies

I found Tony's third grade journal the other day. We died. Here are some excerpts:

"Resolution. Not to be mean to my sisters. Do not tatol (tattle). Eating better. Brushing my teeth. Cleaning my room. Not littering. To take care of my pets and feed them more often."  Except for tatoling, he could have written this list yesterday ;-)

"Report Cards. My social behavior is not that good...this is not a good year for me...avencholey I will improve with my behavior and my work and get a good report card hopfuley."  Lol, he did avencholey get better. 

We have NO idea what this assignment was, but Mrs Clemons gave him a "great!" For it:

"Flag, McDonald's,tolite, red white blue,woods, corn, ships, TCBY,fish, showers, Toad, pool, camping, guns, books, wars, sclogers, plains, stachyous of the solgers that foght in the war, war, being free, the first cookies, the revoulishinary war, the White huse, Washington, river, Spokane, NASA, English, clothes"

Just what WERE " the first cookies"?  It's a mystery...

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Sue said...

love - this is why we have Mother's Day AND keep old school papers!