Thursday, May 23, 2013

GoT Inspired Knitting!

Because I'm a bit of a nerd that way...I've been designing some cool patterns inspired by "Game of Thrones"  (ack, only TWO EPISODES LEFT for this season!  Thank god we have Dexter and Breaking Bad to fill in while we wait for Season 4)

My fabulous test knitter (that's you, Susna!) is knitting away on my shawlette, and my fabulous photographer (that's you, Pia!) is going to take some professional quality pix for me.  Hopefully, I'll have socks and shawl patterns available within the next week or so.  Meantime, here's a pic of my Storm's End Shawlette to give you an idea of what's I'm up to:

I'm a sucker for yarn with long color runs, and Zauberball is my current fave.  I also managed to work in my Weldon's obsession by using a lace pattern from their 1893 Practical Knitter, called "Seaweed".  Perfect for Storm's End, a castle by the sea:

My sock pattern is "Kissed by Fire":

Again with Zauberball.  This is my favorite colorway, called "Royalty".  Love it!

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Sue said...

Where did you find a foot/leg? Must have one - The sock is quite comfy - so I am probably going to make the other one - but Zauberball is not my fav long color run yarn I gotta say. Too splitty for my taste - and I am using Angela's (Raymond's Angie)Evil Genius' "Hyde" yarn for the shawlette - which I am wearing to a Knit Wit party next weekend!