Monday, March 4, 2013

No Pix But Reporting Anyway

Of course I failed to take any pictures while I was in Seattle last week.  It's what I (don't) do.

But I had a great time helping The B during her 2nd week of convalescence after knee surgery.  This gal is a nurse's dream.  She actually has upper body AND core strength so she can get around on crutches, she likes to cook and doesn't mind hopping from fridge to counter, and about all she asks is the occasional fetching of a glass of water, a pill or her Kindle.  Once she masters hopping in and out of the shower by herself, she's totally independent.

Meg and the babies came over twice, once to deliver dinner and a second time for a lovely birthday lunch (Megan's)  Of course, being the mean child that she is, she told her mother that she DID NOT want anything 'handmade by you'.  LOL, never change Meggie :-)  And being the nice mom that she is, B-Z obliged with gifts from Lululemon and Anthropologie.  Susan and I threw in tchochkes from Target.  Bam, birthday done.

Hadley and Carson are delightful, as always.  And special bonus, we headed down to Kip's to do a little babysitting of Maddie and Allie.  Such cuties, and Al showed me her favorite horse White Star at the Safeway.  Way better than the terrifying clown at our grocery store.

I went to "knitting night" at 2 different locations with the knitting queen (aka Susna).  The lady meets with a knitting group about 12x a week, I think.  Lots of fun, and I scored a free Dutch Oven from her friend Karen.  Just have to lug the 30 lb. pot home and camping can commence.

I got a pair of socks and hat finished while in Seattle, so wasn't completely idle.  It was such fun to get to spend time with my sis, I loved it.  And we visited Mom at her assisted living home.  It's nice to have her close to the old homestead, even though she no longer remembers where she is (or us, to be honest. But that's okay, she seems to know that we are people she likes)  We also tackled the overgrown rhodie at Dad's grave and hacked it into submission.  I got a lot of grief about my pruning technique, but hey I got the job done.

Next time I come over, I fully expect B to be back in the gym daily, back to work (where they SAY they can manage without her but we all know better), and with that ACL fully recovered!

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