Friday, January 18, 2013

A Day Spent Making My Head Explode

My store has needed a facelift for AGES.  I have been using the same fugly home page for years, which I designed using the long-defunct Netscape Navigator (I think that was it, so long ago and so many computers ago, I don't remember)

So today I decided to open up Dreamweaver and get to work.  Ack!  I haven't used Dreamweaver in years, so it was basically start from scratch and relearn everything.  And I'm really not one to read tutorials or practice.  I just plunge in and start creating.

Result?  I have a slightly better looking home page here.  Suggestions for making it MUCH better are welcome :-)  It's still pretty rudimentary, no fancy bells and whistles.  But I think it's an improvement over the fugly fuggerson old page.

I also fixed up my "free patterns" page with all of the patterns I've created over the years, including the Weldon's projects.

Now to un-fug the "discontinued yarns" page.  Tomorrow.

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Marjorie said...

The home page looks very nice.