Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finishing Flurry!

Folks, you would not believe the growing stack of finished projects around here.  Team Plack is in a knitting frenzy.

Tony has taken to knitting like you wouldn't believe.  Here he is modeling his very first cable scarf and a cabled hat.  Lots more where that came from too -- he just produced his first color work project, a hat with dragons -- and did an outstanding job.

Here are Cara's Mittens of Doom.  Poor girl had to reknit the second mitten three times.  But well worth the effort, they're adorbs.  And she only threatens to quit knitting forever once a night...

And here are my "Knittens" (mittens with knitting abbrevs.), which I had to finish up when I realized I do not have a single pair of hand knit mitts.  And I've only been knitting for 45 years..

Don't want to steal their thunder (and hoping they will post on their own blogs) but Katie just finished her first-ever sweater, and it's elegant, plus Peeps is working on her first-ever sweater, which is also going to be gorgeous.

I need to lay out all the projects the gang has knit in the last few months and take a pic, bc it's an impressive pile.


Sue said...

YAY TEAM PLACKS!!!! Come to the cabin next weekend for marathon knitting!

Meg said...

I am fucking impressed. I never got past line number one. And I can just hear Car swearing off knitting forever.

Unknown said...

Every night Meg, every night. I will post soon. Working on a baby sweater for Colie, and will post it when it's done. Then back to my sweater. I also have a cute hat and some mittens on the docket for when I need a break from my fall-away cardigan.