Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Texas Report

We're back from our whirlwind weekend trip to San Antonio, Texas!  Katie & I had a grand time, despite her casting doubts on my claim that we are "super road trip buddies" (something about how I tend to drop everything out of my bag while shoehorned in a tiny airline seat, my inability to eat or drink without spilling, how I ALWAYS leave something behind -- this time my hoodie on the plane -- and my total uselessness when it comes to reading a map.  Whatevs.)

Here are some of the highlights:

We stayed right downtown at the Gunter Hotel, which dates from the turn of the century.  It was really nice, thank you Hotwire!

We were just a step away from San Antonio's Riverwalk, which has lovely paths along the river all through the downtown area.  Sadly, we just missed the annual draining of the river and the Mud Festival.  But we did enjoy a boat ride on the river with a tour guide.  A tad cheesy but fun nonetheless.

Saturday morning, we were enjoying our coffee out on the patio at our hotel when we learned that there was going to be a parade and Longhorn Cattle Drive right in front of us!  Excitement!!!  The parade was to mark the opening of the SA Rodeo, and it was lots of fun.  Longhorns are very impressive!  Plus there were lots of cowboys with mustaches.

Next stop, The Alamo.  I was expecting it to be cheesy, but it was actually quite interesting, with good exhibits and things to see.  Impressive!

Saturday night, Katie attended her friend's wedding, and I hung out in the hotel and watched the "I (Almost) Got Away With It" marathon on tv.  Two thumbs up.

We had a lot of time to kill on Sunday before our flight, so we tracked down the World's Largest Cowboy Boots (right outside of Sak's at the North Star Mall!), then saw "The King's Speech" (very good!), and had some Texas-style BBQ.  We also bought Longhorn shirts and a "Joan" (Texas Longhorn version) for Lucy:

It was a fun trip, loved San Antone and the friendly Texans there!


Katie said...

if you are doubting your status as Super Road Trip Buddy, that's all on you - i never said anything! Although all your "faults" are true, i still love travelling with you!!! :) Thank god for the Garmin GPS app on my phone though...

Laurie said...

Garmin is God.

Cara said...

sounds like you guys had fun!

Lis said...

Looks so warm and nice! What a fun weekend trip.