Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Progression of Gary...

(Katie is insisting I blog, so you get what you get...)

Katie & I were watching our current fave channel, HGTV, and an ad came on about some kind of diet dog food.  The fat dog's name was GARY.

At first, we ridiculed the name.  Imagine yourself at the dog park, yelling "GARY!!! GARY!! COME GARY!!".  Sounds not so good.

Then I lay awake that night, thinking about GARY.  I started to secretly love the name.

Next day, I mentioned GARY to Katie, and she immediately said she, too, was embracing the name GARY.   We heart it!

So if I ever get a boy dog, GARY may be competing with SAM EVANS for the perfect name.

PS, that is Spongebob's snail, GARY in the picture. :-)


Katie said...


and i don't know why. it's an AWFUL name. but has wormed its way into my heart completely.

Sue said...

this GARY is a snail-cat though - so even better!