Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tae Kwon Do

The boys started Tae Kwon Do classes yesterday, and they are very excited! Here they are in their brand new (super clean still) uniforms. We had to wait to get to the 'dojang' to learn how to tie their sashes though.

Mikey and I had to go to the parking lot to wait, as he got a little bit bored (and wasn't buying it that we were watching the Power Rangers). You can kind of see the boys through the window, getting some bowing instructions from their teacher.

"Mike Kwon Do"

I think this is where "WoWo" and Mikey will be hanging out during lessons today:

Seriously, Tae Kwon Do (or is it all one word?) looks like an amazing discipline for the boys to learn. Master Kim is very serious (in a gentle way) about teaching his students the values you want your child to learn: self-discipline, respect for elders, teachers, parents and family members, honoring their country and their place of learning, and much more. First lesson, the boys already learned they must wait to be allowed to speak in the dojang, they must address their teachers with 'sir' or 'maam', they must listen carefully to instructions. They were all eyes and ears for a whole hour, the longest I think I've ever seen them pay attention (except for a movie or tv show lol), and have learned how to properly bow, how to hand something to their teacher and how to receive it back, counting to 10 in Korean, and a lot more. Can't wait to see what they learn tonight!


Katie said...

So cute and fun! I have (very) vague memories of taking karate lessons briefly as a child, and all I took out of that was how to count to 10 in Japanese... I'm sure our mini-Rangers will get much more out of it than that!!! ;)

Cara said...

they look so cute in their unis. and i love how excited mikey looks in the pic with his big bros

Laurie said...

he is soooo bummed that he is not old enough to go to school and learn TKD!!!

Meg said...

Oh the bar will be so much better than the fake out Power Ranger parking lot watch. Go Mikey, he looks like he's ready!

Katie said...