Monday, May 26, 2008

First Camp-O-Rama of the Year

The Parlange Clan talked me into joining them for their first camping trip of the year (how DO they do it?) We met up at Round Lake State Park --- north of Athol, ID (the boys' hands-down FAVE town name ever!), where the mosquitoes are plentiful and the fishing is great. Here are a few pix from my phone-cam (I have some better ones on my 'real' camera, will post those later, as soon as I find it...)

Marshmallow roasting is a must! I think we were roasting these about 8:00 am, for breakfast.

Mikey wields a mean smarshmallow stick:
Liam tries to avoid the inevitable smoke in the face. The boys informed me that you are supposed to say "I hate White Rabbits" and the smoke will blow the other way. Never knew that one! The jury's still out on how effective it is.

We had a fun time, despite the ginormous skeeters and some rain. Our fave activity was fishing, I think everyone caught a fish (even ME, when I was holding Liam's pole for 2 seconds) We opted to 'catch and release' the little croppies we caught though. I'm off to vacuum the tons of dirt, pine needles and other crap out of my car!

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