Monday, September 17, 2007

Mr. Squirrel

Here's Mr. Squirrel right before he goes in the washer for felting. He looks a bit like roadkill now, but after his hot water bath, he'll be a cutie (of course, eyes and a nose will help too). Check back later for Mr. Squirrel's "After" picture!


Meg said...

I love your little retarded Noah's Arc critters. They're too cute, I don't think you should ever finish any of them. Maybe knit a little white cane for Mr. Squirrel (that way you don't even need to add eyes)...and the next one def needs a wheelchair.

Laurie said...

lol, who knew I would specialize in handicapped animals! Mr. Squirrel looks much better with stuffing and he's going to get eyes, but I'm sure he'll still be slightly retarded looking ;-)