Wednesday, July 16, 2014

These Two

  1. Never stop yakking.  To each other, to the dog, to anyone who is in the room, or in the next room, or on the next story of the house.
  2. LOVE any sort of terrible Nickelodeon/Disney tween program.  And the one with the thumb in her mouth failed to mention she is not allowed to watch tween programs.
  3. That one also made herself a bottsy last night.  Even though you're approaching 5' in height, you can still enjoy a botts.
  4. Love a crafts project.  Grammy bought a beadazzler thing and shirts for them.  Logan channeled her inner Laverne De Fazio with a rhinestone "L" on her chest, and drew a pocket on the other side.  Not sure what Hads did, but there was a LOT of pounding involved.
  5. Love Lucy like you would not believe.  The dog has been thrown a tennis ball more times over the last 2 days than probably in her whole life.  Not to mention all the petting and talking to.  Walter just wishes everyone would get off his couch.
  6. Are always ready to put on a show.  What they lack in skill and talent they make up for with gusto.
  7. Were finally convinced to change their underwear and take a shower.  Even though they have suitcases stuffed with outfits, we've been seeing the same shorts and t-shirts quite a bit.  And by "they", I really mean Hadley.  Logan has her grammy here, so has to be a bit cleaner :-)
  8. Are still little girls.  They found George and Mary (Colie's ugly boy doll from Shopko and the hideous puppet doll we found in a closet when we moved in) and the toy stroller, and played house with what they could scrounge up.  And there's still thumb sucking, blankies and snuggling going on.  Which is delightful, I fainted when I saw the long legs and grown up airs.
  9. Are always up for an adventure.  Too bad it's 100 degrees here, and us olds get tuckered out fast.  We did make it to the YMCA pool yesterday.  Thank god for Pia and her experience with youth activities.  I'd have folded by now.
  10. Are pretty good eaters, though there's the obligatory "what is it, I don't like it" first.  And no great fondness for vegetables.
  11. Are the best (albeit messiest, loudest and hungriest) houseguests ever.  


Unknown said...

Those two cautions are the greatest! They need to come visit more cause there's nothing better then adventuring with those two. And the gymnastic routines were AWESOME!

Sue said...

Next time, we check the suitcases FIRST! Good travelling companions though- never stopped talking - until about Issaquah - then, PASSED OUT.

Meg said...

You guys are THE BEST! I love that she got to hang with my two most favorite aunts. The girl was exhausted when she got home... and then, after a nipper, went on to tell me every single things she did in 72 hours. It was a lot:).
Thanks for loving her.