Friday, June 20, 2014

Say My Name

Do you know me?  My name is Reggie Mantle. I'm Archie's nemesis. 

My kids are dying. I told them that we all thought his name was pronounced "Raggie" rather than with a soft G sound. I blame the Herseths. Back me up on this Zaids. 


Sue said...

Ummmm - it was always with a soft g. Does this go hand in hand with Zaide's " dan-ger"????

zaideafraidey said...

no dan-ger was a whole diff. subject. I always said Reggie (like in giant) Mantle. Never knew you called him Raggie!! It wasn't Beddie or Veronisa either!!! Sorry can't help you sis.

Laurie said...

Really, it was just ME? Not that surprising, I misread unshed and infrared every time.