Monday, November 18, 2013


My faithful readers (Cara and Katie) are complaining about the lack of new posts.  I haven't really had much to write about but here's what I could think of:

1. KNEE.  PROBLEMS.  A few weeks ago my left knee started hurting.  Badly.  So I went to my doc (Doogie Howser for reals.  He's about 12)  Xray didn't show much more than the expected arthritis, so he chalked it up to tendonitis and told me to rest up.  And that my planned trip to Colonial Williamsburg probably wasn't going to happen, due to walking inability.

So right before I left for DC, the doc's office called and said the X-ray MAY have shown a broken bone (in my knee?  I didn't think there was anything there to break other than the knee cap)  I'm getting an MRI this afternoon.  Please light candles that it's not serious.  My medical insurance doesn't start until Jan 1 (thank you a million times Obama!)

2.  The Pick of a Lifetime:

Picture me rolling around on hundreds of pattern books...Cara found a Craigslist ad for a lady in DC who was cleaning up after a garage sale, with "Lots" of knitting patterns cheap.  We headed up to her place and she did have patterns and magazines on a rack.  I started looking at those while Cara checked out a box that we could see had some good old stuff.  The lady told her "those are free, do you want them?  And I've got 5 more boxes in the house".  Indeed we did want them!  Tony loaded up all the boxes in the car and we sorted them out when we got back to the house.  We figured there's about 10K worth of patterns in there.  Looks like a yarn store's old inventory, pristine condition and hundreds of pattern books from the 30s on up.  Heaven!  Just waiting for the 8 50 lb. boxes I mailed from DC to arrive to start putting them in my store.

3.  Knitting Projects:

I've got several finished things and some in the works.  I should have started my Christmas knitting about 11 1/2 months ago :-)

A soft bunny for Colie, she needed something to wrap around her neck (her favorite thing to do with softies)

"Runar" hat with runes reading "May Thor Bless, May Thor Protect".  It turned out okay, the fold line is a bit off.  It's double thick so will be warm.  And if Loki shows up, I'm safe.


Sue said...

Thank God for Cara and Katie. This faithful reader thought you were turning into Megan with the once every six weeks - not unlike Pia and Katie as well!

zaideafraidey said...

if one does not have a blog one should not be critiquing the bloglessness of others...just sayin' :) Am amazed at your find hooray

Laurie said...

thanks Zaids. Sometimes my life is so boring it's hard to come up with blog-worthy material (well TBH, most of the time it's too boring)

Sue said...

Being a faithful reader allows a small slice for mention (and begging) for updates or lack thereof. I live vicariously through the blogs I love.

Sandra said...

Cannot wait to see the new listings. Lucky you; lucky us.
Hope that your knee is healing and less painful

Lis said...

Hope your knee is ok! :-(
Awesome score.

Lis said...

Hope your knee is ok! :-(
Awesome score.