Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bits O Fairy Business 2013 Edition

My longtime readers know (maybe) that The B and I published "Bits O Fairy Business" back in the 60s. Long lost and lamented. But the children are complaining that I never update the blog, so here's what's new at BOFB HQ

Katie and Pia are both starting the search for homes to buy. Very exciting! Which means we will be moving AGAIN, but then staying in one place for a while. The bungalow pictured is a dream house. Which is not in anyone's budget alas. Damn you Sears, why don't you still sell houses for cheap?

I'm busy knitting as always. I have 3 projects that will be published in a special Interweave issue. Very excited about that! I just looked at my yarn stash and am going to try to go on a yarn diet for a while. This will probably be as successful as my food diet.

We've been babysitting Miss Colie Ann Friberg (CAF) quite a bit, and it's fun to see how quickly she is growing. She will be crawling in no time, which means baby proofing stat. I love seeing how much she looks like her mama, who I babysat when she was the same age.

Just heard that the final season of Breaking Bad starts in August, can't wait! Should be epic! We're watching Game of Thrones and Mad Men (I'm the only MM fan, so have no one to discuss Don Draper and Fat Betty Francis with boo). We tried to watch Lincoln the other day. I fell asleep about 15 minutes in, which was disappointing. That movie was a LOT of talking heads! I love history so can't believe I found it a real snoozefest. I guess it needed to be watched in a movie theater? I've been known to fall asleep there too, though.


zaideafraidey said...

OMG watch it again, Daniels performance was amazing. It is a good bit of history.

zaideafraidey said...

forgot to say do remember the BOFB days fondly.

Meg said...

I want that house too.