Monday, December 3, 2012

A Date with the Twins

Good grief, Alex and Liam are so grown up!  12 years old!!!  But they're both still sweet little boys, the teenage years haven't kicked in quite yet.  In fact, Al held my hand the entire 2 miles of the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, loved it.  Bet he won't do that on Turkey Day 2013 though :-(

I met up with my fave twins on Sunday for a little holiday shopping.  The boys had a $25.00 Toys R Us gift card from their birthday, so we headed off to hell.  I mean we headed to the toy store.  They were a bit overwhelmed, I think.  But very well behaved, not greedy at ALL.  They were insistent that we not spend any of my money on toys.  We checked out most of the boy aisles, and settled on a big Spy Kit.  Which we all predict will be lost/broken by today.  But they were happy with it.

Next, we headed to White Elephant.  This store is a Spokane tradition.  Guaranteed to warm any kid's heart, with half the store filled with toys, and the other half filled with guns, ammo, fishing stuff, camping gear etc.  Plus the entire remaining stock of "Expo 74" tchochkes. There were a LOT of "big boys" over on the guns and ammo side.  We checked out everything on both sides and they allowed me to make a couple of purchases for their Christmas: Liam got a new fishing reel and 2 packages of bait.  Al picked out a pair of leather work gloves, which he decided to give to his mom for Xmas.  Awwww, sweet.

All that shopping made us hungry so we stopped at McDonald's.  Both boys assured me they could each eat four fruit pies, but we settled for 2 burgers for Liam, 1 for Al, some fries and a fruit pie each.  These guys are such healthy eaters, they didn't even want pop, just water.  And their bellies probably rebelled later on at the influx of grease and carbs.

Next Saturday, it's Mikey's turn for Toys R Us.  He has his catalog all marked up.  Wowie better bring a checkbook...