Monday, October 15, 2012


Pia & I spent a relaxing weekend at knitting camp!  We headed up north to Camp Spaulding for a retreat with the Knorthside Knitters.  No rustic bunkbeds or treks to the outhouse for us, we stayed in a lovely cabin with its own bathroom, and probably 10 times the floorspace that our London hotel is likely to have.

Here are the lovely ladies who retreated for the weekend:

A great group of gals, and including Susan & her pal Alice, who came all the way from Seattle to knit.  Lots of knitting talent in this group :-)

And here are Susna and me modeling the "BFF Cowls" we knit for each other (you can get the pattern here)

Geez, I am the WORST poser for pictures.  The cowls are cute though.


Katie said...

the BFF cowls are adorbs, so are you two knitting dorks. :) glad it was a fun weekend!

Unknown said...

Katie, did you notice Susna does the picture head tilt too? Must run in the family.