Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back to Work!

I've been home the last week and a half, while Mikey recovered from the chicken pox. Today was my first day back and his first back to preschool. We were both very happy to resume our routine!

Looks like he scored a cool Bakugan t-shirt while he was sick. Lucky pup! And he assured me he only scratched "around in a circle" not ON his chicken pox.


Lis said...

So cute. That's a long time to be sick.

Cara said...

precious pup

ps i love the pic of mads on the previous post.

zaideafraidey said...

ALERT ALERT ALERT, just heard on the news this am that New Harbor Maine, in New Jersey has been hit bby a felon dubbed the "midnight knitter". Pieces of knitted squares have been appearing all over the park in this town of 1,400. The mayor said that it is not time to bring in the swat team yet, but the knitter needs to desist. this where you are getting rid of all that left over yarn?????

Laurie said...

it's def. a good idea, and I live within walking distance of 2 parks...stay tuned.