Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Busy Bakers

Sometimes I forget how much kids enjoy cooking and baking (since I don't love either activity and try to avoid them whenever possible) The boys helped me make a dessert the other day, and they were excellent workers!
Here's Liam mixing up a storm. He's the one who really loves to bake, I need to make him an apron!

All three guys (Liam, Alex and Mikey) got involved in the process, and gave the results two thumbs up.


Cara said...

you should get them into some sort of cooking classes

Meg said...

Kate/Car/Peeps/Ton- Something you can add to the list of things she never did with you perhaps? Just askin'.

Unknown said...

True, unless you count peeling carrots. I learned my baking skills from grandma Glo and uncle Chuck...crazy I know.

Laurie said...

hey hey hey I'm sure I must have baked/cooked at some time in your childhood and let you stir something.