Thursday, October 13, 2011

Settle Down, Park Nazi!

I took Lucy for a walk in the park this morning.  All good, except I forgot to bring a poop bag.  And of course, she pooped.  As soon as she finished her business, I set off in search of a bag (the park has a station with poop bags, but it was a ways from where she dropped her load).

This guy turns to me and yells "YOU'RE NOT LEAVING THAT THERE ARE YOU!?".

Calm down, David.  I had no intention of doing so.  And did indeed return to scoop the poop.  I realize he didn't know I was a good person who would NEVER leave dog shit in the park.  But still, geez.  Do I look like a scofflaw??

PS I managed to get the Gentle Leader on Lulu!  No ripped off bwoken arm!  Just hurt feelings thanks to Poop Nazi.


Cara said...


Lis said...

you should have said, "nope, thanks though!"

Laurie said...

wish I had. Or that Lucy was a mean dog and I could have ordered her to attack.

Pia said...

Love you. did you flip the douche off? PS, you know that "Calm down David" is a quote from Pretty Woman... You are quoting a Julia Roberts' movie. Try not to hate yourself too much.

Laurie said...

no I didn't know specifically which movie it was from, just had that vague feeling of creepiness :-0 Didn't flip Douchey Doucherson off either, as he had a point. But still, he could have made said point in a nicer manner.