Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun with the Family

It's been so much fun having Cara & Tony here!  Messy too, but that's okay :-)  

Here's a rundown of our activities so far:

Wed: We walked over to Comstock Park to watch Riveria run in the grade school All-City Cross Country meet.  We are all super proud of RJ for earning a spot on the Linwood team!  Even if 3 runners ahead of him had to be DQ'd in order for him to win his spot.

He did a great job, finishing about the middle of the 6th grade boys pack.
 Cara and Mikey focusing on the race.  Mike was delighted to see C&T, especially when he got a shoulder ride.  Alex and Liam made a brief appearance, but were more interested in playing tennis and running around than in cheering on their brother.

Thursday: we all attended Grandma Gay's funeral, which was a lovely service.  All the Longinotti boys spoke about their step-mom, who was the kindest person you'd ever want to meet.  Pia represented the grandchildren and did a wonderful job relating stories about trips to Disneyland and how everyone loved Grandma.  We all had lunch together and some nice family pictures were taken:
Here are the grandpas, the brothers and their kids, a good-looking group.  I think it's the first time these cousins have all been together.

Friday: We headed over to Greenbluff for apple picking (or in my case, pie eating).  It was a little bit lame, the corn maze was closed, the supply of apples was low, and they weren't making pumpkin donuts OR apple sundaes.  But still fun :-)

Saturday:  It's a Lazy Day.  Katie headed to Palm Springs to spend a couple of days with some girlfriends.  Pia got a haircut and color.  Cara is still laying on the couch, though there's hope she might brush her hair sometime today.  Pooh is handling the remote duties.  Which has us switching between "Top Shot" and football games.  We are pondering going to a movie tonight.  We'll see.

Really, it's not necessary to plan a big outing.  It's just soooo nice to have the VA'ers here that I'm happy to just hang out.  Maybe they're bored.  But I'm not!  Well, maybe around hour 5 in the Top Shot marathon I got a wee bit bored.

Trying not to remember they go "home" (boo) Monday


Pia said...

It has been nice having them home. And I'm now oddly addicted to Top Shot even though I'm not a big gun fan. The funeral was really nice, and it was great having the family in town (even if Greenbluff was a bit of a bust). And your right mom, it's the first time we've had all of the cousins together in one place.

Lis said...

Sounds like a cozy, relaxing weekend. Sorry for the circumstances that caused the get-together but glad everyone got to be together again. Even if it does mean marathons of top shot.