Friday, October 28, 2011


The girls are nagging me for not blogging so here are some random observations:

1.  FINALLY!  Trader Joe's opens today!  Three Buck Chuck!  Lime-Chili Cashews!  90  Second Brown Rice That Doesn't Cost $3.00 A Bag!  And so much more.  Can you tell we are super-stoked to have our own TJ's?  Katie wanted to be there at 8:00 am for the Grand Opening.  It's 8:08 and she just got up, so I think that plan died a timely death.

2.  Cara, you can skip this one...Project Runway pulled another cray-cray result and Anya is this season's winner.  I love her and I can see where the judges were coming from in making her the winner, but's a surprise.  I mean, the lady CAN'T SEW.  She's about at my skill level, and that is not a compliment.  But she doesn't have to sew now that she's the winner right? 

3.  Speaking of Cara, she is now less one gall bladder and a large gall stone.  I THINK she's going home from the hospital today.  Virginia hospitals evidently differ a bit from those in Spokane.  When Katie had her GB surgery, they spit her out the door as soon as she woke up in Recovery.  No namby-pamby nursing care in the hospital here!  You're awake, you're breathing (more or less),  you're out.  Get well quick, Carrie!

4.  We have a FANTASTIC costume to make for Lucy this weekend.  I won't spoil the surprise, but will just say it was my brills idea, which Katie refined to create the perfect get-up for our Miss Lucy Lou.  Since Katie spent about $40.00 on the materials to make said costume, we now HAVE to actually make it.  It's going to be awesome!

5. And here's a picture Pia took of Mikey and me at the XC meet.  I love this kid's perfectly round head so much:
Also loved his ghetto outfit of high water brown Sears Tuffskin jeans and some random fugly shirt.  You'd think I was still dressing him every day :-)  Actually, he always looked very spiffy when I handled the wardrobe.  The twins were known for their snappy  outfits (thanks to Cara and Katie mostly) and he got their hand me downs x 2.


susna said...

you can blog about Baba tomoorow - it's his birthday! 111!

Laurie said...

Did NOT know that! Will def. blog on Baba, too bad he's no longer with us bc he would have provided DAILY blog material!

Katie said...

TJ's was awesome! and crayzay!!! :D