Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fun Weekend with a Little Sad

The fun part is that Katie and I got to spend time with some of our fave fam members:  Sue and Tom, Hadley (Katie had a "Girl's Day Out" with Hads, I'm sure she will fill you in on all the deets), Carsie, Zaide and Baba, Lis, Mads, Allie and Kip, AND Pam, Josh, Tate and Logie plus Kirdy!

We got quite a bit done w Sue & Tom's move/"staging" for the real estate lady's pictures.  Actually, they had already packed up quite a bit, I was impressed.  Sue gave us a nice leather recliner (score for Katie!  She hates my blue "old lady" recliner, tho she never hesitates to plop down in it when I'm otherwise occupied) and a pretty table lamp.  Also a set of antique dishes from Toddie's house, which I LOVE.  Now I have something to take if I ever get tix for Antique Roadshow) and some old photos which I will scan and share with y'all.  I plan to head back over when the actual moving weekend is scheduled.

Got to spend a bit of time with Bob and The B.  He was in charge of Hads and Carsie while their parents were boozing it up (oops I mean doing a half marathon) in Leavenworth this weekend.  Poor Carsie was a sickie with an ear infection, but still manage lots of drooly smiles.  B-Z is super busy with her run for school board in a hot contest (if you live in the Northshore School District, VOTE FOR B-Z DAVIS.  The end) but we caught her at home and it was great to chat w her.

Lis invited Katie & I over for dinner, and we took Hads along.  Lis is SUCH a sweetie, she made chicken for us, even though I'm sure she was horrified down to her vegan core and will probably have to destroy the pan she used to cook the chicken in.  It was fun to see the girls, they are so cute!  AND their house is adorbs, I'm always stunned to see 1. the view of Lake Washington from their windows and 2. the fantastic job they did remodeling.  The 2nd story they added is incredible.  Plus Lis did a cute project on the basement landing -- she glued pennies on the floor.  It's so cute.  Post piccies Lis!

Tom did his usual delish Sunday brunch for one and all.  The Narodes and Kirdy showed up so we got to spend some time with them.  I inadvertently insulted them by lamely joking that THEY hadn't helped their mom.  Geez what was I thinking?  Those guys are the BEST, so forgive please!  Anyways, we had fun with the girls, even though Logie is still terrified of Lulu.  Who is the world's most non-aggressive dog (unless you are the mailman or pizza guy.  And even then, she would lick them to death)  Tate got her ears pierced, very grown-up!

OK, the sad news was that Grandma Gay (sweetest lady in the world, and married to my kids' Grandpa Tony) passed away this weekend.  She really was a lovely lady and will be missed.  Cara & Tony are flying in this week to attend her funeral, so we are happy they are coming to Spokane and we get to spend some time with them. 


Lis said...

That was a busy weekend! And I'm so happy you made it down. And I'm married to kip. Nothing shocks my veggie core anymore. Nothing.

Laurie said...

Lol, I should have known you are now shock-proof.

Pia said...

Enough said Lis. Enough said. I'm glad you all had such a fantastic weekend mom.

Meg said...

Put your hands around her neck...she's not shock proof. Thanks for spoiling my lady. She was in HEAVEN.
Sorry about Grandma Gay:(.